JOLIVET Mécanique exists since 1996..

Machines introduced on this site are entirely accomplished in workshops, according to
particular requests of the clients, hobbystes, cutlers of art, blacksmith, etc....

The abrasive band allows the drawing of blades, the émouture of this one with the bet there
form of the handle on first post, polishing and sharpening made on the second.
machines having two workstations and 3 speed minimum.

Our machines are mainly equipped with engines single-phase of 2, 3 and 4 CV for one
electricity network of particular(220 volts).They machines possible answer the wishes of the clients
post to the right or to the left, sat or standing

All mechanical rooms components machines are manufactured by my care.
These being identical since the beginning, and classified according to height, power, model.
Our rates are included between 1000 and 3000 €.
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